Virginia Kamenitzer, photographer,  has developed a successful career within the world of photography. With a reputation for being a strong leader, a creative thinker, and a driven artist, Virginia has established herself as a professional photographer, producer, and retoucher.

Along with developing her eye as a photographer, Virginia, along with partners Tara Thurber, Paul Vincent, and brother, Ed Kamenitzer, created a 3000 sqft. local art venue and performance space. From the spring of 2005 until October 2013, Virginia and crew created weekly art classes, monthly art shows, month musical and theatrical performances, as well as a co working art space housing other local artists. In the short span of time this crew occupied this space, their reputation in the inner city arts community grew and was highly respected. To see image of past art shows, please click here.  

VK has had the opportunity to explore the many different fields that exist for photographers and the studios that house them. Her most recent accomplishment removed her from the studio outside of NYC, and dropped her in Flint, Michigan. Commissioned to tell the tale of a city reborn, along side Under the Hood Productions, she travelled through the north eastern section of Michigan, and photographed the farmers that help keep the Flint Farmer’s Market a staple within their community, as well as celebrate the unveiling of their new market